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Great Repairs for Desktops and Laptops, and All-In-Ones

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When you have Fred's Computer Services fix your desktop or laptop computer, you get expert tune-ups, virus removal, and more. We'll work on any issue, bug, or system failure on your PC, laptop and

All-In Ones.


We do Hardware and Operating System repairs; tune-up or virus. In some cases we may need to reload your operating system due to failing hard drive or extreme virus. In such cases we will back up your databases and reload your Office, Itunes, etc. Note: Some software may need to be provided to reload. I charge a set fee for my services and include the Operating System without the Bloatware or Extra Programs and many tweaks to make it run faster. To finalize the job, I take a Custom Restore of the finished Operating System.


The Custom Restore is included with any reloading of your Operating System. If you contract a virus in the future I can use the Custom Restore to bring it back to where it was. I suggest to customers that when they get their computer set up once they get home to call me and have me remotely make a Final Restore with their settings included. This saves alot of work!


We include 2 minor remote repairs to help with finalizing your Operating System. This would include setting up a printer, setting a home page, etc. Use one of these repairs in combination with the "Final Restore".

Many minor tune-ups, virus removals, and other troubleshooting can be performed remotely. We'll let you know how!

Over 13 years of experience

Careful preservation or recovery of your data

Manufacturers' warranties on parts

Rates lower than the big box stores' repairs

Guaranteed repairs Computer & Laptop Repair Computer & Laptop Repair Computer & Laptop Repair